Certificate: Advanced Google Analytics

Yesterday I completed the “Advanced Google Analytics” via Analytics Academy. I did this course twice to fully grasp the advanced concepts of Google Analytics.  Some key takeaways from this course were how to segment different reports and build on the fundamental best practices to understand and analyse all data from a website, pinpointing the areas […]

Certificate: Google Analytics for Beginners

Even though I know most of these concepts already and some of them are very basic, I decided to go ahead and get “certified” in my ramp up time at work, making sure I thoroughly know the basics before moving to advanced concepts. It’s also a great refresher to jog your memory of how some […]

Automated Facebook Page Post

Three days a week I post a YouTube link to a Facebook page for a client and I wanted to see how I could automate this process.

Mobile-First Responsive Build

Today I completed a mobile-first responsive website that uses HTML and CSS to create a simple one-page website which practices all of the fundamental concepts CSS Grid.

Hello world!

Recently graduated, I’m an individual with proficient experience in web development both front and backend…